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About Maryh

Maryh is a brand and commercial photographer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who specializes in ensuring her clients leave a lasting impression on their audiences with high-quality, professional and consistent brand imagery.

The gift of photography was birthed from Maryh’s desire to ensure black families never miss out on capturing memories, much like she did in the earlier years of her life. In hopes of creating long-lasting moments and memories for herself and those around her, she immersed herself in lifestyle and family photography.

For Maryh, working with families that had never experienced the beauty of their love through imagery was the most rewarding part of it all. Though her niche has changed, Maryh is proud that her work continues to nurture memories that are near and dear to so many. 

If it's one thing Maryh knows for sure, it’s that building an empire is a marathon, not a sprint. She’s just getting started!

About M. Lashell Photography

Before M. Lashell Photography was born, there was Captured Connections (circa 2014), a lifestyle photography business specializing in families, weddings and children's birthday milestones. 

Maryh quickly learned that running a successful business was much more than providing a service. With the goal of growing both her skills and her company, she enrolled in business photography courses where she learned the first steps to developing a system of processes within her business. 

Maryh's love for photography grew beyond the work she began her journey with. In 2015, Captured Connections evolved to M. Lashell Photography. She loved everything about magazines, make-up and luxury fashion brands. While she offered lifestyle and family photography to earn a living, she used her spare time to study high-end posing and commercial lighting; and provided complimentary services to a few local brands to gain the skills needed to transition into the branding and commercial photography niche.

For three years, Maryh has studied, learned and practiced how brands and their marketing strategies work together.

Today, M. Lashell Photography continues to expand beyond providing consistent, high-quality brand and commercial photography. M. Lashell Photography is now a commercial photographer and full-service branding agency.

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