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Amazon Must-Haves For Content Creators

Jul 08, 2022

If you’re struggling with creating content or wondering which tools and gadgets are worth purchasing when there are so many to choose from, this list of Amazon Must-Haves for Content Creators is for you! Having the right equipment on-hand is crucial when producing high-quality content and sharing it online. And, as a result, your business or brand will benefit tremendously from increased engagement and brand awareness. Ready to shop? Check out the list I’ve curated to help you get your journey to quality content creation started today!




Ring Light Kit

A ring light kit is an absolute must-have for ALL content creators. If you want to produce high-quality content that highlights your best angles, get the Yesker Ringlight Kit and watch the quality of your content improve.




Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote, 360° Rotation

Who doesn't need a selfie stick with 360° rotation? Put an end to the shaky, unstable photos and videos, and order this extendable, hands-free selfie stick before your next outing.




Pixel Lavalier Microphone for iPhone

Give your audience the gift of clear, crisp audio by grabbing this battery-free external mic for your iPhone. The Pixel mic is built to weaken side noise, help prevent the sounds of wind blowing as well as the sounds of a mic brushing up against a shirt. Make sure you have quality audio to match the quality content you’ve created.




DJI OM 4 SE Smartphone Gimbal

If you want to create smooth, aesthetically pleasing video content while on the move, you need to grab this DJI OM lightweight, portable 3-axis gimbal. It’s perfect for stabilizing your phone while in motion and helps reduce the amount of shaky footage you take home at the end of the day. Take this baby with you on your next outing or vacation and really step your content game up. It’s also great for real estate agents, who show or tour homes virtually, too. 





Blue Yeti USB Mic

If you do any recording, podcasting or streaming, you undoubtedly need to add the Blue Yeti USB Mic to your setup. It’s small, portable and easy to plug and play from wherever you are. Don’t risk having your next clip go viral with bad audio. 





Selfie Ring Light with Tripod

Film vlogs, tutorials or live streams for your audience, or take your own product shots with this all-in-one tripod and ring light. This two-in-one option saves you the hassle of fumbling around with two products. Save yourself some time and stress and make the Selfie Ring Light Tripod your official replacement. 





Pop Up Shelter for Outdoors with Carrying Case

This portable Pop Up Shelter is another absolute must-have. Especially for those outdoor photo or video shoots with multiple outfit changes. It’s lightweight, private, secure and comes with a carrying case for added ease. If this isn’t already in your cart, go add it now!





Neewer Cell Phone Holder Clip Desktop Tripod Mount

Everyone needs an extra ring light mount on-hand for those just in case purposes. An added benefit of the Neewer Tripod Mount is that it doubles as a detachable smartphone clip. You can mount it to a tripod, selfie stick, ring light, monopod, handle grips and more. Life happens and things break, don’t get caught slipping without a backup plan!





Video Conference Ring Lighting Kit

This portable ring lighting kit is perfect for zoom calls, social media lives, and on-the go content creation in spaces that could use some extra light. It has three color modes with 10 different brightness levels for each, totaling to 30 different lighting options altogether. Shine bright on camera anytime, anywhere. 





Multifunctional Rearview Mirror Phone Holder and Mount

This multi-scene phone mount and holder comes with 360° rotation and can be mounted on the back of a headrest, rearview mirror, kitchen table, desk and even select headboards. Grab this handy mount if you’re a vlogger or content creator who is often filming while on-the-go. 



Neewer Dimmable Bi

Color LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit – Create professional, well-lit content from the comfort of your home (or on-the-go) with the highly-rated Neewer Lighting Kit. If you’re a Youtuber, photographer or content creator of any kind, you cannot pass this deal up. 





ULANZI U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig

If you film video content with your smartphone, ordering the ULANZI U Rig is a no-brainer. Its versatile mounting and attachment options make it a steal of a deal. It’ll be the best money you’ve spent all year.





TARION Overhead Video, Flatlay Photography Stand Desk Phone Mount

Take your content to the next level with this hands-free desk mount for phones. It’s perfect for overhead shots, tutorials and flatlay photography. If you’re limited on space and don’t want to deal with setting up a bulky tripod, you definitely need to grab this mount.